• Community Health Needs Assessment Reporting

    The following documents provide an overview of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Community Benefits activities and serve as the Institute's 2012-2015 Community Health Needs Assessment Report and Implementation Plan. The findings of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) have validated Dana-Farber's past and current Community Benefits activities, while identifying opportunities for future initiatives and continued community engagement.

    As an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center, Dana-Farber is uniquely qualified to demonstrate measurable outcomes in reducing the burden of cancer in the City of Boston by continuing its comprehensive portfolio of community benefits activities and marshaling the collective efforts of local cancer coalitions and partners who share our mission. The substantial burden of cancer in our surrounding communities as identified in the CHNA highlights the imperative for us to leverage our position as a national leader in cancer care and continue our substantive commitment to reducing cancer incidence and mortality in the City of Boston.

    Both CHNA documents are available for public review and comment through the links below. For more information or for access to our full-length Community Health Needs Assessment, please contact: Magnolia Contreras, Director of Community Benefits at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, at magnolia_contreras@dfci.harvard.edu or 617-632-3462.

    Community Health Needs Assessment Executive Summary
    Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Plan
    Community Benefits 2015 Report
    Community Benefits 2014 Report

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