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  • Letters from Patients

    Dr. John Koreth with a patient 

    Excerpts of unsolicited letters we've received recently from our patients, their friends, and family members. 

    "Nine months ago I was diagnosed with stage III throat cancer. Today, I am doing extraordinarily well thanks to the outstanding medical team who treated me at DFCI. The entire team was not only thoroughly professional, but also caring and compassionate as they helped me through the emotional roller coaster that cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery entails. That would include everyone from the lead doctors, to the nursing staff, medical technicians, assistants, receptionists, schedulers, and even the parking garage attendants. My time at DFCI was without a doubt a life-changing, indeed a life-saving experience for me. I became a new grandfather last year as two new grandchildren arrived. Now I know I will be around to be their grandpa for many years to come."
    Stephen Reed
    Naples, Fla. 

    "From the time I walked in the door until the end of my daily treatment, I was treated with respect and dignity. I can’t say enough about the care and consideration these doctors, nurses, and associates paid to me. Milford is so fortunate to have a treatment center like this in the area. I would like to commend the Milford team for their great work."
    Allen Fales
    Upton, Mass.

    "The people here made a very stressful, difficult time bearable! I can’t say enough about everyone we have dealt with. Extremely well-run hospital! Thank you again."
    Heather and Dave Kuczer
    Tampa, Fla.

    "I enter and exit my annual visits feeling more like a guest than a patient. From check-in through blood work to doctor appointments, the atmosphere is efficient, effective, caring, and, if I may, hospitable. The infusion room nurses are indeed sisters and brothers of mercy. The warmth, the professional conduct, the cheeriness are ignitable. Ditto with the volunteers. It's tough luck to get Waldenström's macroglobulinemia; it's good luck to be under Dana-Farber care. Thank you."
    Wollaston, Mass.

    "The support and care I've received from all nurses have been superb. I expected expertise from Dana-Farber, given its excellent reputation worldwide, but I did not expect such compassion, attention, and willingness to discuss all aspects of the case with loved ones and myself. I am not someone who impresses easily, but I am deeply, deeply impressed."
    Worcester, Mass.

    "I am happy to consider myself a Dana-Farber alum! The extraordinary kindness of everyone there has left a lasting impression on me, including a particular parking attendant who always had a warm welcome and smile of recognition for me. [On the day of my last appointment], he sought me out as I was leaving, even though he was not responsible for my car. (On my way in, I had mentioned it was my last appointment for a while.) He opened his arms and gave me a huge hug. "I will miss you," he said, "... but I am glad you don't have to come any more. Congratulations." "What is your name?" I asked. "You have been so kind to me for five years." "Jesus," he replied, in Spanish. As I drove up the exit ramp I wept with gratitude, relief, and deep appreciation for the care of a stranger. It was overwhelming. Thank you to each of you who joined the surgeon, the radiation oncologist, the oncologist, the nurse practitioner, the O.R. nurses, and the parking attendant as my invaluable support team on the journey with me."
    Boston, Mass.

    Do you have comments about your experience at Dana-Farber? We'd love to hear from you. Please email us at any time. 

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    • As a new Dana-Farber patient, you may have questions about your first visit. Here you'll find information to help you prepare and know what to expect.