• Traffic Changes on Brookline Avenue

    Starting in September 2013, patients and visitors driving to Dana-Farber can expect changes to the flow of traffic on a section of Brookline Avenue, as part of a comprehensive project to restore the Muddy River and improve traffic in the area.

    Visitors to the area should be aware of three key changes:

    • A short section of Brookline Avenue between Fenway and Park Drive will become one-way only, heading from Dana-Farber toward downtown Boston. The changes are near the Landmark Center, which is home to shops such as Best Buy and REI.
    • Traffic traveling from Boston toward Dana-Farber on Brookline Avenue or Boylston Street will be directed onto Park Drive and around a rotary to get back to Brookline Avenue.
    • Two new traffic signals will be installed on Park Drive — one near the Landmark Center and the other near the Riverway.

    Brookline Avenue traffic changes 

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