• How Dana-Farber Uses Email to Connect with Patients and Families

    Security advantages of Patient Gateway messages

    Patient Gateway offers a secure and convenient way to email your clinician or request routine appointments, prescriptions, and referral authorizations. Here are some of the differences between Patient Gateway and regular email.

    Regular email

    • Copies of messages may remain on the user’s computer or an employer's server.
    • Messages can be mistakenly sent to an unintended recipient.
    • The identity of someone who reads the messages can be unknown.
    • Messages can be encrypted, but this doesn’t always happen. Patient Gateway messages

    Patient Gateway messages

    • Messages do not leave the secure Partners server. There are no copies on other machines.
    • Messages do not reach parties outside the secure Partners system.
    • The identity of the person who opens and reads the message is known and logged.
    • Messages are always encrypted when they are transmitted.
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