• Measuring Patient Care

    Dana-Farber is committed to providing the highest quality of safe, timely, and efficient care to our patients and families.

    In order to do this, we set standards for our own practices and measure ourselves against other comprehensive cancer centers nationwide. The information in this section is intended to provide a clearer understanding of how we evaluate our performance.

    • Effectiveness
      Details on the number of adult and pediatric exam and infusion visits, as well as clinical trial information for FY 2009.
    • Patient and Family Satisfaction
      How well do we pay attention to the emotional needs, cultural practices, and individual concerns of our patients? These graphs show our progress.
    • Safety
      These data illustrate how well we are keeping our patients safe during visits and treatment.
    • Equitable (Equal Access)
      We believe everyone should have access to the same level of care. This information explains how we are reducing disparities and reaching out to our neighbors.
    • Timeliness
      We measure appointment access time by calculating the number of days between the date a new patient appointment or consultation was scheduled and the date the appointment occurred.
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  • Make an Appointment

    • For adults:
      877-442-3324 (877-442-DFCI)
    • For children:
      888-733-4662 (888-PEDI-ONC)
    • Or complete the online form.