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    In addition to research that is part of the center's ongoing initiatives, the staff collaborates with colleagues throughout Dana-Farber and other Harvard hospitals. Current projects include:

    • A study of the effectiveness of drug interaction alerts in electronic prescribing systems.
    • A study of the role of patient and clinician champions as safety advocates in adult ambulatory multidisciplinary practice settings. This study, supported by grants from the Commonwealth Fund and the National Patient Safety Foundation, measures the impact of clinician and patient safety champions on the Patient Safety Rounds program at Dana-Farber.
    • An analysis of medication errors among Dana-Farber adult and pediatric oncology patients, funded by the Harvard Risk Management Foundation.
    • Analyses of physician leadership in patient safety, outlining challenges for health executives and drawing lessons from the Dana-Farber experience.
    • Several studies of patients' role in reporting adverse events.


    Center staff participate in conferences and executive development programs, including courses at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Health Forum Patient Safety Leadership Fellowship. The Center also co-sponsors a Harvard Continuing Medical Education course called The Patient Safety Imperative.

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