• Resources and Support for Cancer Caregivers

    Websites to Help People Caring for Cancer Patients

    A woman looking at a computer screenIf you're not sure whether an online cancer resource is reputable, ask your health care team for help. 

    There are many websites intended to help caregivers manage their daily activities, learn about supportive resources, and get access to practical services. Here are some of our recommendations.

    Information, education, and support
    These sites offer advice for new caregivers, organizational tools, and detailed guides to help you through the caregiving experience.

    Connecting with caregivers and others
    Here's a selection of online discussion forums and telephone support groups, as well as ways to get in touch with social workers and counselors.

    Caring for someone with advanced cancer
    Websites with practical and supportive resources to help you cope with end-of-life issues.

    Practical help
    Informative sites to locate support services in your area, learn about state and federal resources, and find help with insurance, medical, and legal issues concerning caregiving.

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