• Resources and Support for Cancer Caregivers

    Websites to Help People Caring for Cancer Patients

    Websites for Connecting with Caregivers and Others

    Connect with other caregivers

    Online forums provide a way to share stories and encouragement with others who are caring for loved ones.

    CancerCare support groups
    Join online or telephone support groups for caregivers and for diagnosis-driven groups. Online groups for young caregivers (ages 20 to 40) are also available.

    American Cancer Society discussion groups
    The Cancer Survivors' Network forum allows you to share your story and get advice from other caregivers.

    Caregiver discussion group
    This forum, sponsored by the Family Caregivers Alliance, is an email listserv: members send emails, which are compiled into an ongoing discussion. There is also a group for LGBT caregivers.

    Family Caregiver Forum
    Sponsored by the National Family Caregivers Association, this forum includes advice from caregivers and a place to share frustrations.

    The Wellness Community
    Open discussions and private forums are available, as well as ways to create online diaries and video journals.

    Wellspouse online community
    Connect to caregivers of all types (including for people with Alzheimer's, strokes and other diseases) via face-to-face support groups, online forums, and even old-fashioned letter-writing.

    Stay in touch with family and friends

    You can keep everyone up to date by sending out mass emails or by creating a personal homepage to share the latest information about your loved one. CaringBridge (sponsored by Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center) and CarePages make it easy to pass along news and messages.

    Supportive counseling

    It's often helpful to talk to a counselor or social worker in times of stress. You can ask your loved one's health care team for references, or use one of these sites to locate counselors in your area.

    Note: Ask counselors whether their fees are covered by your insurance policy, or check with your insurance company to find a counselor whose fee is covered by your policy.

    Psychosocial Oncology Worldwide Educational Resource
    This database, sponsored by the Association of Oncology Social Work, can help connect you with social workers with interest and experience helping people diagnosed with cancer and their families.

    American Psychosocial Oncology Society Helpline
    This toll-free referral program connects cancer patients and their caregivers to psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, and counselors skilled in the management of cancer-related distress.

    Social Work Therapy Referral Service
    Massachusetts residents can use this free, confidential phone service to find a clinical social worker in their community.

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