• Google+ Video Hangout Series: Issues in Psychosocial Oncology

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    Cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers face more than medical challenges during cancer diagnosis and treatment. There are a variety of psychological, emotional, and social issues that come up during the cancer journey — including managing relationships, disclosing a diagnosis, working with cancer, and many more.

    Learn about the psychosocial challenges of living with cancer, or caring for a loved one with cancer, in our series of Google+ Video Hangouts, featuring experts from Dana-Farber and patients, caregivers, and survivors from across the country.

    Viewers are welcome to submit questions, which will be answered live on-air. Email questions to social@dfci.harvard.edu or ask via Twitter (@DanaFarber) using the #DFCIhangout hashtag. If you have a topic you'd like to see addressed in a future Hangout, email social@dfci.harvard.edu.

    Check this page often for word about upcoming psychosocial oncology Google+ Hangouts. And consult the archive we are starting below of Hangouts that have taken place.

    Young Adults Coping with Cancer, July 30, 2014

    Dozens of Google+ visitors joined Karen Fasciano, PsyD, director of the Young Adult Program at Dana-Farber, to hear and ask about the unique challenges facing young adults with cancer. Fasciano was joined by a panel of young adult cancer patients, survivors, and bloggers, who shared their experiences, insights, and strategies for coping.

    Tune in to the Young Adults Coping with Cancer hangout 

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    • patient with her husband Caring for a loved one with cancer? These practical tips and suggestions can help you create a caregiving plan, find community resources, and look after your own well-being.