• Career Areas

    Jobs at Dana-Farber include clinical and patient care, research, financial, legal, communications, and maintenance positions. Here's an overview of the different job categories.

    Administration (ADM)

    Administrative positions are generally support positions and can be either clinical, research or operational in nature.

    Allied Health (ALH)

    These jobs focus on medically prescribed health-care services, such as imaging technicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, and donor search services. It also includes alternative therapy roles such as massage therapists and acupuncturists.

    Bioinformatics (BIO)

    Bioinformatics jobs include bioinformatics analysts, bioinformatics engineers, and software developers and database administrators geared specifically to the bioinformatics field.

    Business (BUS)

    Examples of business positions include jobs supporting the general operation of the Institute including functional areas such as Human Resources, Legal, Purchasing, and Facilities.

    Clinical (CLI)

    Jobs in this category are clinical in nature and include such positions as clinic assistants and clinical practice coordinators. Clinical education and positions with clinical information systems focus are also included in this family. These positions do not typically require an MD or PhD.

    Communications (COM)

    Communications staff members work with media channels such as the internet, intranet, and a variety of printed materials. Writers, editors, designers, and web developers fall into this category.

    Development (DEV)

    Staff in the Development department focus on the fund-raising and event planning activities that support research and care at the Institute.

    Finance (FIN)

    Positions in this category include the functional areas of General Accounting (A/P, A/R, credit); Patient Accounting; Research Accounting (Grant Accountants); and Financial Planning (Financial Analysts).

    Health Information Services (HIS)

    Staff in these positions focus on processing patients' electronic medical records.

    Laboratory (LAB)

    Positions in this category involve general operations within a lab, such as research and medical technicians, and also include research scientists.

    Maintenance (MNT)

    Our maintenance positions are mainly focused on the upkeep of the Institute, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and central supply services. Employees in these roles are part of a collective bargaining agreement.

    Nursing (NUR)

    Positions in this category include staff nurses, nurse practitioners, and research nurses. The individuals in these roles are part of a collective bargaining agreement.

    Research (RES)

    Research positions may include clinical research (including clinical research coordinators), grants management positions (both pre- and post), community-based research and general research administration jobs.

    Social Workers (SWK)

    Positions in this category are focused on social work with either LCSW or LICSW certifications.

    Temporary Employees (TMP)

    Temporary employees are hired for a period of 6 months or less.

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