• Government Relations Fellowship Program

    The Government Relations Fellowship is a competitive one-year program designed to provide high-potential individuals with the opportunity to:

    • Further develop their leadership style, and policy and analytic skills
    • Gain greater expertise in such areas as legislative and regulatory affairs, advocacy, and data analysis and documentation on quality and values

    Major responsibilities will include managing Dana-Farber's Legislative Action Network and supporting the department's activities to advocate for sustainable policy change that reflects the importance of cancer prevention, treatment, and research.

    Highly motivated individuals with a master’s degree in a relevant field and one to two years of experience (internship experience considered) are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to applicants with experience working in a hospital setting, state legislature, U.S. Congress, or other policy-based position. All applicants should have a demonstrated commitment to cancer policy, health care access and patient advocacy.

    The Dana-Farber Government Relations Fellowship provides:

    • Knowledge of organizational dynamics gained from working with senior leadership throughout the Institute
    • An opportunity for young health care professionals to obtain an applied foundation in legislative and regulatory affairs, advocacy and policy implementation
    • An understanding of the common values shared by all health care professionals at Dana-Farber
    • Advanced experience directed toward preparing fellows for policy focused leadership positions in health care organizations.

    Structure of the fellowship

    The Government Relations Fellowship is designed to provide high-potential individuals with the opportunity to further develop their leadership style and analytical skills, and to gain exposure in every aspect of health policy, including:

    • State policy
    • Federal policy
    • Advocacy
    • Legislative affairs
    • Regulatory affairs
    • Policy research
    • Policy implementation

    The Fellow will shadow senior executives both internal and external to Dana-Farber, and will lead and participate in legislative activities on the state and federal level.

    The Fellow reports directly to the Vice President of External Affairs, who will provide valuable mentoring and strategic advice on project involvement. The Fellow will receive a competitive salary and benefits package.

    Application process

    Applications for the 2014-2015 fellowship must be received by November 8, 2013, and should be mailed to:

    Michelle Kielty, MPH
    Government Relations Fellow
    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    450 Brookline Avenue, HS-412
    Boston, MA 02215

    The completed application must include all of the following materials:

    • Resume
    • Written statement of interest in the Fellowship Program and how it would further the applicant's career objectives (1-2 pages)
    • Official graduate school transcript
    • Two letters of recommendation, one of which must be from a graduate school professor
    • Writing sample, no greater than 10 pages

    To the extent possible, please mail all application materials as a single package. However, as noted in the FAQ section, recommenders may email letters of recommendation directly to us at: michelle_kielty@dfci.harvard.edu if they prefer. Additionally, if your college or university will not release your official transcript directly to you, we will accept transcripts mailed to us separately by your college or university. If we will be receiving recommendations or transcripts separately, please make note of this in your application package.

    Please note that the Fellowship opportunity is posted online at www.dana-farber.org/careers (Job ID: 24008), but that online submission of applications is not required. Please mail completed applications in accordance with the directions provided above.

    Finalists will be invited to Boston for an interview in December 2013. Fellows will be selected in January 2014 and will begin the Fellowship in summer 2014.


    Frequently asked questions

    What transcript should I send?

    For those applicants in a two- to three-year master's program, applicants should send the most recent official transcript from their current program. For those applicants in a one-year master's program (in which a transcript is not currently available), applicants should send an official transcript from the program they most recently completed. In this scenario, applicants should also send a list of the classes they are currently taking and plan on taking during their program. Official transcripts must be submitted with all other required application materials in a single application package.

    Should I include my transcript with my application or should I have the school send it directly to Dana-Farber?

    If possible, official transcripts should be sent directly to Dana-Farber and enclosed in a single package with other application materials. However, if your college or university will not release a copy of your official transcript directly to you, we will accept transcripts mailed to us directly from your college or university provided that it arrives prior to the deadline. If that is the case, please note in your application package that the official transcript will be mailed separately by your college or university.

    Are letters of recommendation also required to be enclosed in a single package with all other application materials?

    If possible, letters of recommendation should be enclosed in a single package with all other application materials and mailed to us. Recommenders may provide you with a letter sealed in a business envelope that you may enclose in your larger application package. However, if your recommenders would prefer to send letters of recommendation to us directly, please instruct them to email the letters to: michelle_kielty@dfci.harvard.edu. If your recommenders will be sending us letters directly, please make note of this in your application package.

    If I am selected to come to Boston for an interview, will Dana-Farber reimburse my travel expenses?

    Yes. Dana-Farber will reimburse reasonable travel expenses for finalists, including airfare, one night's hotel accommodations, meals, and transportation to and from the airport and hotel.

    Do I need to submit my application electronically?

    No. While the fellowship opportunity is posted online at www.dana-farber.org/careers (Job ID: 24008), online submission of applications is not required. Any application materials submitted as hard copies must be done via mail or in person (with the exception of letters of recommendation, which can be emailed directly to us by your recommenders, if they prefer).

    Can my application be postmarked by the deadline date?

    No. The application must be received at Dana-Farber by the deadline date. This is to ensure that there is enough time to thoroughly review all applications prior to selecting the finalists.

    Can I apply if I will be graduating in August 2014?

    Yes, you can apply. The fellowship start date is flexible.

    Is the Dana-Farber Fellowship Program structured or project based?

    The Dana-Farber Fellowship Program is both structured and project based.

    If I am selected for and accept the fellowship, do I have to leave my current job?

    Yes, you would have to leave your current job and become the Dana-Farber Government Relations Fellow for the entire year.

    Does the completion of the fellowship guarantee me a job at Dana-Farber?

    No. Completion of the Fellowship Program does not guarantee you a job at Dana-Farber. However, your performance during the fellowship may provide you with many great job opportunities at the Institute and elsewhere.


    Current fellow

    Michelle Kielty, MPH
    Fellowship Year: 2013-2014
    Graduate School: Boston University School of Public Health

    Past fellow

    Danielle Thompson, MPP
    Fellowship Year: 2012-2013
    Graduate School: Heller School for Social Policy and Management (Brandeis University)

    Contact us

    For more information about Dana-Farber's Government Relations Fellowship program, contact:

    Michelle Kielty, MPH
    Government Relations Fellow
    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    450 Brookline Avenue, HS-412
    Boston, MA 02215
    Phone: 617-582-7560
    Email: michelle_kielty@dfci.harvard.edu 

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