• Where to Find Help

    Being a cancer survivor can affect your job, your health insurance, your finances, and other practical matters. Often, your doctor, nurse, or social worker can be a good source for answers to your questions. There may be resources in your community that can help you get the services you need. Download this list of Resources for Cancer Survivors to find groups and organizations to help you learn more about these issues and resolve problems you may have.

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  • Cancer Survivorship Topics

    • In these 21 video interviews, the former director of the adult cancer survivorship program, speaks with experts about typical issues that cancer survivors face.
  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    • LAF
    • In their own words, six cancer survivors reflect on a variety of issues they've faced, and share insights gained through their cancer experiences.
  • Living Proof: Celebrating Survivorship

    • Dana-Farber's annual Living Proof event honors the challenge and journey of cancer survivorship.