• How Family Relationships Can Change after Cancer Treatment

    "When treatment is over, there may be a lot of emotions that have not been attended to during the course of treatment."
    — Vaughn L. Mankey, MD 

    Cancer Can Affect Family Relationships

    Family dynamics and roles often change during cancer treatment. When treatment ends, the return to the old routines can involve a careful negotiating process for every member of the family – kids and parents included.

    What You Can Do

    • Be open and honest about your feelings. Dealing with changes that happen during and after cancer treatment can hard on everyone. Talk about these feelings with each other, and work out issues that you may have.
    • Talk about it as a family. Learn from each other, and remember that everyone is going through a challenging time.
    • Get help when you need it. Resources such as a support group or counselor may help you find solutions as a family.
    • Contact the Family Connections Program at Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center, which provides supportive resources to our patients who are parents and to their children.
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