Daily Menu for a Person Undergoing Chemotherapy

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Q. Do you know where I can get a suggested daily menu for someone who is going through chemotherapy?

A: Balanced nutrition is a very important part of cancer treatment, survivorship and prevention.

A healthful diet can help rebuild your body's cells and energy level, especially if you are receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Since every patient is unique and has their own set of needs, we encourage everyone who is undergoing cancer treatment to meet with a Registered Dietitian one-on-one to develop an individualized eating and vitamin/supplement plan. This plan should meet a particular patient's goals and needs, while taking into account side effects of treatment and other diseases for which a patient is receiving care.

The Registered Dietitians (RDs) at Dana-Farber are nutritionists with special training in the areas of oncology and integrative nutrition. Their work is based on scientifically sound nutrition therapies.

Working with other members of your healthcare team, your nutritionist will help you design a practical eating plan to meet your individual needs with special attention to your beliefs and cultural values.

Until you meet with an RD, we recommend that all our patients follow the Optimal Diet Plan for cancer, and eat a primarily plant-based diet.

Our website has an entire recipe section full of delicious and nutritious meals for you to choose from in planning your meals.

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    • To create a customized plan, please schedule an appointment with a Dana-Farber nutritionist by calling 617-632-3006.
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