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Q: My husband is a cancer patient and is starting a new medication called regorafenib. Diarrhea has been a major problem for him. I am looking for recipes with 5 grams or less of fat. Can you recommend recipes or help with eliminating fat while controlling diarrhea?

Melanie Martin, Beattyville, Kentucky

A: Here are some of the recipes that are low in fat and that will help control diarrhea.

In addition to eating foods low in fat, it is recommended to eat small meals and snacks that are bland in order to control diarrhea. It is also important that he drinks plenty of fluids between meals, rather than large amounts during meals.

Non-carbonated, non-caffeineated and clear fluids such as herbal teas and coconut water are some great options for drinks. It is also recommended to limit milk and milk products, as they often worsen diarrhea symptoms. Instead, substitute Lactaid, soy milk, rice milk, almond milk or other dairy substitutes.

Also, he should try to eat foods at room temperature, avoiding very hot or very cold foods to control diarrhea.

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