• Adopt a Lab

    Go behind-the-scenes at Dana-Farber.

    Uncover the next breakthrough in the fight against cancer.

    researchers working in a lab  

    Meet the determined men and women behind our scientific discoveries and see why the lights never go out at Dana-Farber. Your one-year gift of $60,000 through Dana-Farber's Adopt a Lab program will provide one young, promising investigator with the funding necessary to translate innovative research into new, groundbreaking approaches in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. By adopting a lab for one year, you will have regular interactions with one of the Institute's many talented researchers, and join Dana-Farber's never-ending pursuit of ideas that could lead to tomorrow's cures. Be the difference for thousands of patients who walk through our doors each year to bravely battle their diseases – Adopt a Lab at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

    For more information

    Contact: Susan Korsmeyer
    Phone: 617-582-8393
    Email: Adopt_Alab@dfci.harvard.edu 

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