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    Jennifer Drucker

    Jennifer Drucker was born in Chicago, Ill., and grew up in Miami, Fla. She and her husband Jeffrey have three children: Emily, Matthew, and Daniel. In l995 Jennifer graduated number one in her class at Emory Business School. She worked for one year at Anderson Consulting, then at IBM. Currently at home, she is very involved at her children's school, where she has been a room parent, runs "Grandparents Day," and works in the school library on a weekly basis. Her special interests include philanthropy, exercise, reading, and cooking. For five years Jennifer has been a productive member of Aid for Cancer Research, an all-volunteer organization which raises funds for cancer research in the major hospitals in Boston, including Dana-Farber. Its prominent medical advisory board has included Drs. Sidney Farber, Emil Frei III, and Stephen E. Sallan.

    Upon becoming involved with Dana-Farber, through Friends' member Audra Lank, Jennifer quickly devoted her time and energy to the Friends' Great Chefs event. She says: "Getting involved with Dana-Farber is quite important to me. On July 13, 2007, my nephew - three years old at the time - was diagnosed with leukemia. He also has downs syndrome. He lives in Miami, and has been undergoing treatment for the about a year. He is doing well, however we have had many bumps along the way. He will not finish his treatment until September 18, 2010. My husband and I travel back and forth on a regular basis to also help my sister. Needless to say, this has changed my family's life forever. Getting involved with Dana-Farber is a way for me to help from a distance."

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