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    Friends' Board and Bios

    Kristienne Perry Rassiger

    Kristienne Rerry Rassiger grew up in northern California and graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles. She moved to Boston about eight years ago, and works at UBS as executive director of institutional sales.

    Kristienne's involvement with the Friends was a direct result of her association with Alice and Nancy Cutler. She also works with her husband Todd in a volunteer capacity at Strike Out Cancer, a small New York-based fundraising organization that solicits money for patient aid.

    She and Todd have two children, a daughter and a son, and her hobbies include running and skiing. Kristienne and her family visit relatives in California and Long Island on a regular basis.

    Kristienne said, "I really enjoy working on the Great Chefs which I think is a great avenue to engage the young working professionals in the Boston area. I also really love Holiday Hospitality because it gives me the opportunity to meet the patients and support their families. I think the allocation process is a great chance to make a direct impact on how our fundraising dollars are used and to remind us that every incremental dollar has very worthwhile uses."

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