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    The fight against cancer is continuous and ongoing, with no pauses allowed. Jimmy's Team is a very special group of loyal Dana-Farber supporters who make monthly, quarterly, or annually recurring gifts to fuel that continuous battle to find cures for cancer. Their generosity provides dependable funding for groundbreaking cancer research, and helps provide our patients with the highest level of patient care.

    In addition to the personal satisfaction that you will gain from your membership in Jimmy's Team, we have a variety of ways to thank you for your outstanding support, including:

    • An exclusive Jimmy’s Team hat
    • Fewer Solicitations: Because we can rely on your recurring contributions, the amount of mail you receive from us will be limited, if you wish.
    • Annual Summary Statement: To aid in your tax preparations, in January of each year you will receive a consolidated statement of your Jimmy's Team gifts.

    Join Jimmy’s Team and become a partner in our quest to find cures for cancer. There are multiple ways to sign up and you can make updates to your gift at anytime.

    Sign up online (credit card only)

    Your initial gift will be charged to your credit card and will serve as your pledge to a recurring gift of the same amount. You will also receive a welcome letter in the mail confirming your gift amount.

    Join Now

    Sign up by mail (EFT)

    If you would like to set up automatic withdrawals from your checking account, please complete our registration form and send it to:

    Mail-in form

    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    10 Brookline Place West, 6th Floor
    Brookline, MA 02445
    ATTN: Jimmy's Team

    Or fax it to: 617-632-4070
    ATTN: Jimmy's Team

    Call or email and join

    Contact Emily Lindberg at 617-632-5172 to join over the phone, or you may email EmilyT_Lindberg@dfci.harvard.edu.

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    Sign up during the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon

    You can sign up for Jimmy’s Team any time during the year, including during the live broadcast of the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. When you pledge to make a recurring during the broadcast, you take an even bigger swing at helping to strike out cancer.

    Learn more about the Radio-Telethon

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I need to stop my recurring gift?

    You can change, increase, suspend or cancel your Jimmy’s Team membership at any time. Simply call Emily Lindberg at 617-632-5172 or email EmilyT_Lindberg@dfci.harvard.edu to change your pledge amount.

    If you signed up for Jimmy’s Team during the Radio-Telethon and have changes to your recurring gift, please contact Mark ElBach at 617-582-8342 or email marka_elbach@dfci.harvard.edu.

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