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Discover the ways to give and how to get involved to support Dana-Farber.

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  • Naming and Funding Opportunities

    Make a gift that links your name, or that of a friend or loved one, with the compassionate care and cutting-edge research that makes Dana-Farber such a remarkable institution. Your dollars will be put to work to accomplish our mission of a world without cancer. Naming and funding opportunities are available at many levels.

    For more information on our naming and funding opportunities

    Contact: Elizabeth A. DeLucia
    Phone: 617-632-6573

    People and Programs

    When you invest in any of the funding opportunities offered below, you make a powerful statement that you support the important work of physicians, clinicians, caregivers, and researchers. Your gift enables our lifesaving work to take place.

    Presidential Priorities


    Gifts of any size to this fund provide critical resources to the President of the Institute to support the most promising new research initiatives in their earliest stages, and to enhance our total patient care.


    Support Our Doctors and Caregivers


    With a gift to Dana-Farber, you can support the lifesaving work of our doctors and caregivers.

    • Adopt a Lab $60,000: Fund the laboratory of a gifted young researcher for one year and help fuel the next scientific discoveries.
    • Name a Junior Faculty, Caregiver, or Staff Award $100,000: A current-use fund supports a junior faculty award for one to three years, which helps new investigators establish independence in cancer research, or recognizes the efforts of outstanding caregivers.
    • Fund a Term Fellowship $150,000: Fellowships ensure that the Institute attracts the next generation of leaders. This current-use fund names a fellowship for two years and provides valuable support to a gifted junior researcher, nurse/scientist, or clinician.
    • Endow a Fellowship $1 million: Fellowships ensure that the Institute attracts the next generation of leaders. Income from this endowed fund will support a bright young physician/scientist interested in conducting research at the Institute.
    • Endow an Investigator $2 million: By supporting an investigator, you can provide salary support in perpetuity to an outstanding scientist or clinical researcher who has shown remarkable promise, creativity, and determination.
    • Endow a Dana-Farber Chair $2.5 million: A Dana-Farber Chair honors and recognizes a distinguished senior faculty member and provides invaluable financial support in perpetuity to pursue the research and care initiatives that will lead to new discoveries.
    • Endow a Professorship $4 million: A professorship at Dana-Farber, endowed at Harvard Medical School, is the pinnacle of academic achievement. Your gift can underwrite a prestigious senior faculty professorship at both institutions and help develop the next generation of scientists.

    Clinical Care


    Support in this area help Dana-Farber fulfill its commitment to offering truly comprehensive compassionate care, by treating the whole patient — body, mind, and spirit.


    Patient Assistance


    Patient assistance provides emergency support to alleviate some of the financial burdens families face when a loved one is battling cancer.




    Gifts to support our technology initiatives enable Dana-Farber to build a sophisticated platform centered on five scientific areas: genomics, chemical biology, proteomics, informatics and computational biology, and imaging.




    A strategic investment in research helps Dana-Farber stay at the leading edge of cancer research and ensures a spirit of collaboration and innovation. You can support the many laboratory and clinical research initiatives that take place at the Institute by designating your gift to this area.


    Named Funds


    You can make a gift to create a current-use fund to address immediate critical needs, or an endowed fund to last forever. Both types of funds can provide support where it is needed most or be designated to a specific area.


    Places and Spaces

    When you choose to name a space at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, you link your name, or that of a loved one to the Institute's lifesaving mission. As patients and caregivers move throughout the Institute, they realize the power of a community committed to conquering cancer.

    Gene Display $5,000


    Located in the Robert J. Tomsich Family Gallery, the Gene Display is a visual representation of the real genetic information that leads us to lifesaving cancer treatments. Show support for our mission by naming a gene with a personal message in honor of a family member, friend, or caregiver.
    Name a gene today


    Treatment Centers and Clinical Services Areas starting at $25,000


    If you are passionate about supporting Dana-Farber's clinical efforts to conquer a particular type of cancer, you will find a variety of spaces to name across the Institute that will serve as a visible reminder of your generosity for patients, caregivers, and staff.

    • Infusion and Exam Services starting at $25,000: Located within the Yawkey Center and in Dana-Farber's Jimmy Fund Clinic, patients receive their chemotherapy treatments at Infusion Services. Infusions are given over several hours in either semi-private infusion suites or private infusion rooms. Each space is filled with light and designed for comfort and healing.

      Also located within the Yawkey Center and Dana-Farber's Jimmy Fund Clinic, Exam Services is where patients wait for and meet with their clinical care teams to discuss their treatment. Spaces available for naming within Exam Services include exam rooms, waiting areas, medical team offices, nourishment areas, and vitals bays.
    • Laboratory Services starting at $25,000: Located on the busy second floor of the Yawkey Center, Laboratory Services is a vital hub of the hospital where nearly all adult patients begin appointments. There are additional naming opportunities within the Laboratory Services area including private rooms, laboratory services suites, and laboratory bays.
    • Conference Rooms and Staff Lounges starting at $50,000: Our staff is vital to everything we do at Dana-Farber and naming a conference room or staff lounge in the Yawkey Center or Dana-Farber's Jimmy Fund Clinic demonstrates significant support for the individuals who provide exceptional care. Staff lounges provide our caregivers with a place to gather and conference rooms provide dedicated space for doctors, nurses, and other members of a patient's care team to plan treatment for each patient.
    • Lobbies and Waiting Areas starting at $1 million: Naming a lobby or waiting area makes a powerful and visible statement of your leadership support for the advances in cancer research and care that Dana-Farber exemplifies. These public spaces accommodate thousands of patients, faculty, and visitors each year. There are multiple opportunities for naming across our campus including a valet lobby and waiting area on Jimmy Fund Way, main and parking elevator lobbies, and multiple clinical waiting areas.



    Dana-Farber's 50/50 balance of research and care is at the heart of what we do. Through our cutting edge research, Dana-Farber aids in the discovery of novel treatments and sets the standard of care around the world.

    • Longwood Center starting at $10,000: The Longwood Center provides the unprecedented opportunity to expand Dana-Farber's campus and advance our basic research enterprise, driving the next breakthroughs and discoveries. Dana-Farber has secured 150,000 square feet in this nine-floor building. There are a number of naming opportunities available including custom research neighborhoods, research commons, and laboratory spaces.
    • Molecular Cancer Imaging Facility: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Molecular Cancer Imaging Facility (MCIF) is leading the development of new molecular imaging techniques. Dana-Farber's 50,000 square feet of space in Boston's Innovation District contains radiochemistry space and the only cyclotron dedicated to cancer research in Massachusetts. A gift of $3 million gives a donor the opportunity to name the facility.

    Unique Spaces


    These spaces at Dana-Farber give patients respite from the stress of cancer treatment, offer research-based complementary therapies, and allow physician-scientists to meet and collaborate with their peers.

    • The Leonard P. Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies starting at $7,500: The Leonard P. Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies brings complementary therapies including acupuncture, massage, nutritional guidance, and music therapy to patients. The Zakim Center will open its doors in a new, centralized location in fall 2016. The new center has several naming opportunities including acupuncture and massage rooms, exam and consultation rooms, waiting areas, and office and administrative space.
    • Thea and James Stoneman Healing Garden $7,500 monthly: The Stoneman Healing Garden on the third floor of the Yawkey Center is a unique, calming environment featuring seasonal flowers, shrubs, and plants, including stands of bamboo. A monthly naming opportunity is available in the garden to support the refreshing of plants.
    • Conference Center $7.5 million: The conference center, centrally located on the highly-trafficked third floor of the Yawkey Center for Cancer Care, provides a state-of-the-art, dedicated space for lectures, seminars, virtual conferences, and events with distinguished guests, as well as meetings of the Board of Trustees, Visiting Committees, and other advisory bodies. Naming the conference center provides an opportunity to be recognized for outstanding philanthropic leadership in a highly visible location.
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