• Give Stock to Give Hope

    Your support — in every shape and form — is vital to the fight against cancer.

    Giving a gift of stock or securities to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund is an easy and efficient way to support our mission, and there are many benefits to you.

    Consider the following three ways you could give to Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund using a $10,000 gift as an example:

    Giving Stock financial chart

    *For which you paid $6,000 and have a $4,000 capital gain
    **This example uses a 28% tax bracket

    In the scenario above, both you and Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund benefit when you give stock. We receive a generous gift to support our fight against cancer, while you avoid capital gains tax and have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping cancer patients and their families.

    Always consult with your tax advisor for specific tax information when giving securities, as certain limitations to deductions may apply.

    Thank you

    Next Steps

    Contributing a gift of stock or securities is easy and efficient. Simply:

    1. Contact Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund at NinaM_Khosrowsalafi@dfci.harvard.edu or 617-632-5501
    2. Consult with your financial or legal advisor or attorney
    3. Use our legal name, address, and Federal Tax ID when incorporating Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund into your plans:

      Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
      P.O. Box 849168
      Boston, MA 02284-9168

      Federal Tax ID # 04-2263040

    Contact information

    Nina Khosrowsalafi
    Phone: 617-632-5501
    Email: NinaM_Khosrowsalafi@dfci.harvard.edu

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