Paths of Progress Spring/Summer 2013

2013 Spring Summer POP CoverA selection of articles from the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Paths of Progress.

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  • Trouble Makers

    In tumor cells with hundreds of gene mutations, investigators must identify which ones are guilty of driving cancer growth.

  • Genome Research 'Goes Viral'

    Investigators have taken a novel approach to distinguish driver from passenger mutations. The key to their technique: viruses, the primal perpetrators of cellular havoc.

  • Man on a Mission

    Ken Anderson, MD, has helped transform multiple myeloma from an often fatal disease to, in many cases, a chronic, manageable illness.

  • Young Lives on Hold

    Caring for young adults means treating their unique clinical and emotional needs.

  • The Search for Shortcuts

    New medical tools may speed drug development and, in the process, offer better treatments for brain tumors.

  • Seeing with Mass Spectrometry

    Scientists use an advanced imaging system to aid research into brain tumors and drug delivery.

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