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    Program Overview

    The Partners Online Specialty Consultations (POSC) service allows physicians all over the world to refer cases to Dana-Farber oncologists for expert second opinions.

    By combining the personalized care of a local physician with the expertise of a Dana-Farber oncologist, cancer patients can benefit from state-of-the-art care regardless of their location. The service is available to adult patients only.


    Partners Online Specialty Consultations can be initiated by a patient or physician. Patients requesting consultations need to involve their local physician. Once the patient and the patient's physician agree to pursue the consultation, the physician registers with the service and completes a patient history.

    A Partners HealthCare System specialist will review the case, as described by the referring physician, within three to four business days after the diagnostics have been re-evaluated by a Partners Specialist. A consultation will be sent back to the patient's physician.

    Treatment team

    Many members of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's staff participate in online specialty consultations with Partners HealthCare System. The program will arrange consultations with the participating physician whose expertise is most consistent with the patient's type of cancer.

    How will I get the results of my consultation?

    The reviewing Dana-Farber physician will send an opinion to the referring physician. Patients will get an email telling them to contact their referring physician when the specialist's opinion is ready for discussion.

    All patient information is kept confidential to the patient, the referring physician, and the online specialist. Patient information transmitted over the Web cannot be intercepted or read by anyone other than the referring and consulting physicians.

    Note: The price for an online consultation starts at $575 and is typically the responsibility of the patient. It must be paid prior to the consultation.

    Contact information

    Partners Online Specialty Consultations serves most areas of the United States and the international medical community. A list of areas not covered by the service can be found on the Partners System's Online Specialty Consultation Web site.

    If you do live in an area served by the program, explain your interest in the service to your physician, and provide your physician with the Referring Physician Letter available through the Web site.

    More information for patients and physicians is available at Partners Online Specialty Consultations.

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