• Medical Records

    Information for Patients

    How to Request Copies of Medical Records

    You can access your medical record in several different ways:

    • If you are an adult patient at Dana-Farber, you can enroll in Patient Gateway to securely view many portions of your medical record.
    • If your child is a pediatric patient at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s, you can enroll in MyChildren’s Patient Portal to securely view many portions of your child’s medical record online.
    • To have documents from your medical record released (electronically via secure email or hard copies via USPS), you must complete an Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information form and submit it to Health Information Services (HIS) using one of the following methods of contact:
      • Scan and email your completed Authorization form to correspondence_roi@dfci.harvard.edu.
      • Mail your Authorization to:
        Dana-Farber HIS Correspondence
        27 Drydock Avenue, 4th Floor
        Boston, MA 02210
      • Fax your Authorization form to: 617-405-4895
      • To complete an Authorization form on campus, please visit Access Management on Yawkey 2 (Y2). A staff member there will forward your Authorization form to Health Information Services for processing.

        Please note: Access Management will not provide copies of medical records; they will only be able to help the patient complete and submit an Authorization form.

    For Imaging Requests

    To have a CD created that contains your Imaging results, fax your Authorization form to 617-632-1980 or visit Access Management on Y2 to complete an Authorization form.

    CDs may be available for same day pick-up in the Imaging Department. Processing time varies depending on the amount of information requested. Please call Imaging Services at 617-632-4444 for more information.

    Patients Requesting Verbal Communication Authorization

    Patients may complete a Verbal Authorization form which grants communication of their or their child’s protected health information, including information relating to care received, between their care team and individuals listed by the patient. Please complete this form and either return it to Access Management on Yawkey 2 or fax to 617-632-2020.

    Privacy Questions?

    If you have questions about the privacy of your medical records, please call Dana-Farber's Privacy Officer at 617-632-6593 or email DFCIAskInfoSecurityandPrivacy@dfci.harvard.edu.

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    • For adults:
      877-442-3324 (877-442-DFCI)

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      Appointments as soon as the next day for new adult patients

    • For children:
      888-733-4662 (888-PEDI-ONC)

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  • Disability Claims and FMLA

    • See Disability Claims and FMLA if you need help filing a claim for short- or long-term disability benefits from an insurance provider, or request leave from your work.