• Medical Records

    Dana-Farber Health Information Services Department

    Getting Your Medical Record

    You can access your medical record in several different ways:

    • If you are an adult patient at Dana-Farber, you can enroll in Patient Gateway to securely view many portions of your medical record.
    • Call Health Information Services at 617-632-2955, weekdays from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., and request a copy of your medical record.
    • Email your request to Correspondence_roi@dfci.harvard.edu.
    • Mail your request to:
      DFCI HIS Correspondence
      27 Drydock Ave.
      Boston, MA 02110

    Once you fill out and return an Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information form, we can send you an electronic version of your medical record via secure email or on a compact disc. If you prefer, we can send a copy to you via U.S. mail. Please fill out all highlighted areas on the form to avoid delays in processing. 

    Once we receive your request, it may take approximately 5-7 business days for us to copy and send your record.

    Privacy questions?

    If you have questions about the privacy of your medical records, please call Dana-Farber's Health Information Services department at 617-632-6593 or email DFCIAskInfoSecurityandPrivacy@dfci.harvard.edu.

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  • Make an Appointment

    • For adults:
      877-442-3324 (877-442-DFCI)

    • Quick access:
      Appointments as soon as the next day for new adult patients

    • For children:
      888-733-4662 (888-PEDI-ONC)

    • Request Appointment Online
  • Disability Claims and FMLA

    • See Disability Claims and FMLA if you need help filing a claim for short- or long-term disability benefits from an insurance provider, or request leave from your work.