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  • Inpatient Care at Boston Children's Hospital

    Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Center logo

    Inpatient care for children receiving treatment through Dana-Farber/Boston Children's Cancer and Blood Disorders Center is provided on the 6th floor at Boston Children’s Hospital. Our newly-expanded inpatient unit includes private rooms for patients and family members who may need to stay overnight. The new unit provides more spacious rooms and hallways, an outdoor garden and a new resource room. Neuro-oncology patients on the ninth floor can also take advantage of the new addition and garden.Since staying overnight or for long periods of time at the hospital can be frightening for your child and stressful for your family, you'll find that our facilities are designed with your child and family's comfort and needs in mind.

    Your Child's Room

    Your child will have a private room, equipped with a shower and bathroom. In addition, the room has:

    • overnight accommodations for one adult family member, so children staying overnight never have to be alone
    • a phone and personal storage space
    • a wardrobe closet and a small storage compartment, which can be locked and used to store valuables

    The Oncology Unit

    Children with cancer often require lengthy hospital stays. To make your child's stay as easy as possible, to entertain your child, and to provide families opportunities to share time beyond the bedside, each unit has:

    • Treatment rooms designated for blood drawing, diagnostic imaging, surgery, and other procedures. We use these rooms for tests to keep your child's room a safe, comforting place.
    • A kitchen with separate refrigerators to allow you to store parent and patient food. We provide patient drinks and snacks, and families may use the refrigerator to store food they bring from home.
    • An activity room, staffed by a child life specialist and many volunteers, that provides books, DVDs and toys. Patients of all ages are invited to use the room, and siblings may also use the playroom if accompanied by an adult. There is a separate room for teenagers on the unit.
    • A Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Resource Room staffed by a professional who helps patients and families obtain information using the computer, from brochures or through support groups.
    • A family room that provides a place for your family to spend time with each other away from your child's bedside. The room has a television, magazines and books. The room is also used to meet with your healthcare providers. This is also where the weekly parent support group is held.
    • An outdoor garden available only to oncology and hematology patients and families.
    • A family lounge that provides an adult resting place, with a bathroom, television, and DVD player. This is also where the weekly stem cell transplant parent support group is held.

    Hospital Accommodations and Inpatient Services

    We encourage families to use our staff as a resource, and we provide as much assistance as possible to help patients and their families. In addition to meeting your child's needs on the unit, we also offer the following accommodations and services:

    Room Service

    Children's offers a food service for patients that features a room service-style menu. A limited selection of kosher and Halail meals are available for patients with restricted diets.

    Gym Access

    Parents and guardians can access Fitcorp, located across the street from the main entrance to Children's, by presenting their parent/guardian ID badge.


    Children love to receive cards and packages, and we welcome mail on all of our units. Mail can be sent to your child on the unit. Our nurses can provide the correct mailing address.


    Coordinated by your child's nurse or child life specialist, tutoring is available for children who will be absent from school for at least two weeks, either at home or in the hospital, due to illness.

    The Cafeteria & Au Bon Pain

    The Café at Children's offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hot meals and light alternatives are available, as well as salad bar, deli, grill and wrap station. There is also an Au Bon Pain located in the Main Lobby.

    There are also many additional restaurants, delis and fast-food choices in the Longwood Galleria located next door to Children's.


    ATM Bank Machines are located in the Fegan Building on Fegan Plaza. Additional ATM machines are located across the street and next door in the Longwood Galleria.


    Located in the Main Lobby, or next door at the Longwood Galleria, the CVS offers a full-service pharmacy.

    Laundry Services

    Children's offers access to on-site laundry facilities for parents of children staying in our inpatient units. Our nurses will show you where the facilities are located, if necessary.

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