• Jimmy Fund Clinic Renovations

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Dana-Farber's Jimmy Fund Clinic (JFC) is undergoing an expansion due to be completed in early 2015. During this time, some services are moving to Yawkey 5 (the 5th floor of Dana-Farber's Yawkey Center for Cancer Care). Directional signs and volunteer ambassadors (wearing blue vests) will be available to guide you. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions.


    Should we still park in the same place and pay for parking in the same way?

    Yes. You will continue to park in Dana-Farber's parking garage on Jimmy Fund Way. Please use this garage whether you self park, valet park, or drop someone off. You can pay using one of the self-service kiosks located on Dana 3 or Yawkey 1, 2, and P2. There is also a cashier on P1.

    How do I get to Yawkey 5 from the parking area?

    If your child is receiving care at the JFC at Yawkey 5, you will take the parking elevators to Yawkey 3 and then switch to the patient elevators and go to Yawkey 5. If you use valet parking on L1, you can take the patient elevators directly to Yawkey 5.
    Download a map and directions 

    How will we know whether to go to the JFC at Yawkey 5 or the JFC Infusion (Dana 3)?

    When you schedule your appointment, we will let you know where to check in. In most cases, if your child is visiting with his or her doctor or nurse practitioner, you will go directly to the JFC at Yawkey 5. If there is a chemotherapy treatment to follow, you will proceed to the JFC Infusion (Dana 3) for that visit. Please ask the scheduling staff if you have questions.

    Where will we check in? Where will we check out?

    You will check in and out at the location where your child's appointment takes place. If you are going to both clinic locations, you will check in and out at both places.

    Will we need to go back and forth between the two floors and will we check in twice?

    If your child is visiting with his or her doctor or nurse practitioner and receiving chemotherapy or having a procedure, you will most likely need to go to both locations. Volunteer ambassadors (wearing blue vests) will be available to guide you. You will check in and out at both locations.

    What are the clinic hours for both locations?

    Pediatric Oncology in both locations will be open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you arrive early for your appointment and the clinic isn't open, you can visit Dana-Farber's Dining Pavilion or the Stoneman Healing Garden on Yawkey 3.

    Service and Procedure Locations

    Where will my child's lab work be done?

    Any lab work will generally occur at the same location as your child's first appointment.

    Where will my child's procedures (such as spinal taps and bone marrow tests) take place?

    There is no change to the location of the Jimmy Fund Clinic procedure clinic suite. If your child needs a procedure, it will continue to take place in the procedure room at JFC Infusion (Dana 3).

    Where will my doctor/nurse practitioner be located?

    Most visits with doctors and nurse practitioners will take place in the JFC at Yawkey 5. You will be notified if this is not the case.

    Where will my child receive chemotherapy?

    Your child will receive chemotherapy treatment at the JFC Infusion (Dana 3).

    Will the location for radiation therapy change?

    No. All children receiving radiation therapy will continue to go to the same location.

    Where will my child be seen if he/she requires an isolation room?

    Patients requiring an isolation room will be seen in the JFC Infusion (Dana 3).

    Will patient activities and the Blum resources still be available?

    Yes, patient activities as well as iPads, laptops, and reading materials will still be available.

    Your Child's Care

    Will my child still see the same doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners?

    Yes. The team caring for your child will remain the same, but new members may be added.

    Will the air quality and environment be safe for patients in the Jimmy Fund Clinic during construction?

    Yes. The patient areas and construction zones will be fully separated by a solid wall. The air quality in the patient areas will be monitored around the clock using a computerized monitoring system.

    Are the JFC at Yawkey 5 exam rooms suitable for pediatric patients?

    Yes. While the exam rooms in the JFC at Yawkey 5 were built for adult patients, they will be adapted and outfitted with tables, chairs, and equipment for pediatric patients.

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