Breast: Prevention Clinical Trials

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  • Healthy Living After Cancer: Weight Management Pilot Study
  • Studies have shown that patients who weigh more at the time of cancer diagnosis may be at increased risk of complications from surgery, fatigue, poor body image and other problems. Some research suggests that losing weight after cancer diagnosis can lead to improvements in these problems, as well as having other potential benefits for cancer survivors. Programs that reduce calories and increase exercise have been shown to help cancer survivors lose weight, but more research is needed to develop and test weight loss programs in cancer survivors. This study is designed to look at the ability of a 16-week diet and exercise program to help cancer survivors lose weight. The investigator will look at changes in weight, body composition, quality of life, fatigue, body image as well as diet and exercise patterns, to see if this program can help men and women feel better and live healthier lives after cancer diagnosis.
  • Diagnoses: Breast: Prevention
  • Status: Recruiting
Showing 1-3 of 3 items
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