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    Center for Cancer Genome Discovery

    William Hahn, MD, PhD
    Matthew Meyerson MD, PhD

    cancer-genome-discovery-doctors.jpgMatthew Meyerson, MD, PhD, and William Hahn, MD, PhD 

    Damaged or missing bits of DNA are the engines that drive many cancer cells. By identifying the abnormal genes associated with a given cancer, we may discover abnormal proteins or pathways that would be amenable to targeted therapy. Based on this, the mission of the Center for Cancer Genome Discovery is two-fold: to develop technologies focused on discovering genomic alterations that contribute to human cancer; and, in collaboration with basic, translational, and clinical investigators, to define genomic abnormalities in specific cancers, evaluate whether the genomic abnormalities have clinical significance in a therapeutic clinical trials setting, determine if genotype predicts therapeutic responses, and develop approaches to identify such mutations prospectively in cancer patients.

    The Center uses multiple technology platforms to identify mutations, copy number alterations, and epigenetic modifications in cancer genomes, including gene sequencing, gene expression arrays, mass spectrometric-based genotyping, SNP arrays, and next-generation sequencing technologies. It also leverages its faculty's long-standing collaboration with the Broad Institute, accessing its genome discovery technology platforms and data analysis tools.

    Center faculty provide extensive expertise in particular genomic disciplines, such as the discovery of somatic cancer-causing mutations, tumor characterization using genomic and functional approaches, germline cancer mutations, gene expression classification of cancer, cancer epigenetics, systematic functional analysis of cancer genes using RNA interference and cDNA expression libraries, and pathological correlates of cancer genome alterations. Together, Center faculty have created a collaborative research environment in order to accelerate advances in basic and translational cancer genomic research.

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