• Integrative Research Centers

    Center for Novel Experimental Therapeutics (C-NExT)

    Director: George Demetri, MD

    Co-Director: Andrew Kung, MD, PhD

    George Demetri, MDGeorge Demetri, MD 
    Andrew Kung, MD, PhDAndrew Kung, MD, PhD 

    The mission of the Center for Novel Experimental Therapeutics (C-NExT) is to accelerate the application of basic research discoveries to improve the outcomes of patients with many different forms of cancer. C-NExT will do this by integrating the expertise and resources required to execute complex preclinical in vivo compound evaluation studies to inform the design and implementation of innovative clinical trials in patients using the science, biomarkers, imaging, and insights generated from this collaborative work.

    C-NExT serves as a single point-of-access for all Dana-Farber investigators to the Institute resources relevant to preclinical experimental therapeutics. In association with the independent investigators, C-NExT leverages Dana-Farber's diverse array of innovative, preclinical cancer models representing multiple disease areas to evaluate the anti-tumor efficacy of novel cancer therapeutics. Close collaboration with the Lurie Family Imaging Center allows incorporation of sophisticated imaging endpoints into the studies.

    C-NExT applies imaging, pathology-based and "omics" technologies to pharmacodynamic evaluations with the aim of providing investigators with data which may identify subpopulations of patients with the most responsive disease subsets for specific interventions, as well as biomarkers of molecular target engagement and early predictors of benefit. A portfolio of specialized ex vivo systems that are highly related to the available in vivo models provides for compound profiling in vitro, allowing for rapid validation of hypotheses and prioritization of in vivo studies. C-NExT provides expert project management capability, having the expertise required to plan and execute all steps in compound profiling experiments with responsive timelines and project milestones.

    By serving as a central resource for in vivo compound profiling activities for all Dana-Farber investigators, C-NExT provides a critical link between basic and clinical cancer research that both supports the translational elements of fundamental discovery science and provides a competitive edge for clinical investigators who need the most rational and predictive markers of efficacy and validated biomarker strategies. C-NExT is an institutional resource committed to collaborations across the spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic clinical research at Dana-Farber, with a key connection to the scientific development of early phase clinical trials of individual new agents and novel combination regimens.

    Clinical and translational investigators in Dana-Farber clinical centers, such as the Early Drug Development Center and other disease-focused Centers (e.g. Thoracic Oncology, Women's Cancers, Neuro-Oncology, and Sarcomas) will be key members of the academic team building upon the data from C-NExT in order to develop new "smart clinical trials" to accelerate the pace of clinical discovery and new treatments for unmet needs of cancer patients. Further, by providing transparent and coordinated access to the resources required for preclinical experimental therapeutics studies, C-NExT facilitates engagement of the biopharmaceutical industry directly along with the collaboration of Dana-Farber investigators.

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