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    Project REACH, which stands for Research Evaluating After-Cancer Health, is an ongoing research effort led by investigators in Dana-Farber's Perini Family Survivors' Center. The project asks adults and young people who have completed cancer treatment to participate in studies that focus on different aspects of cancer survivorship. Usually, this means filling out a research survey every year — sometimes more than once a year.

    Thanks to patients who volunteer to participate in Project REACH, it is becoming a rich resource that can help strengthen survivor research and potentially improve the lives of cancer survivors and patients worldwide.

    Getting started

    You may be asked to participate in Project REACH when you visit one of the survivorship clinics at Dana-Farber. If you decide to participate in Project REACH, you can expect to receive research surveys about once a year, either by mail, email, or when you visit Dana-Farber. You may be eligible to participate in Project REACH if:

    • You are a patient at one of Dana-Farber's survivorship clinics
    • You have been off of active cancer treatment for at least one year

    Contact us

    If you're a patient or survivor with questions about Project REACH, or if you're a current participant in Project REACH with changes to your contact information, please send us an email at survivorship_research@dfci.harvard.edu.

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