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  • Tissue Banking: Advancing Cancer Care

    tissue banking brochure cover

    This audiovisual program and booklet were produced by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - in collaboration with Brigham and Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - to explain what tissue banking is, why it is so important, and who benefits from it. Our goal is to provide information that might help you decide whether or not to donate your tissue for medical research. The booklet reviews key information from the program and answers additional questions you might want to ask.

    Tissue banking is storing left over human tissue that has been removed during a medical procedure such as an operation, a biopsy, or a blood test. This extra tissue is not needed for your diagnosis or treatment. With your written consent, this tissue is sent to a tissue bank, where it is carefully preserved and protected. Scientists use tissues from these banks to study disease and find better ways to diagnose, prevent, and treat cancer in the future. Tissue donated for medical research is not used in either organ transplantation or blood transfusions.

    View the Audiovisual Program Tissue Banking: Advancing Cancer Care

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    Program booklet
    Program booklet (español)

    Funding for the production of this program was provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Human Subjects Research Enhancements Program. We thank the patients, family members, and hospital staff members who generously volunteered their time to participate in this program. They described unique experiences in their own words, and their insights provided the core of the program. 

    We also thank the Patient and Family Advisory Council of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, who offered critical suggestions throughout the production process. We dedicate this program and booklet to the patients who have donated tissue for medical research.

    We hope that this information is useful as you consider whether or not to participate in tissue banking. This program and booklet is not intended as a substitute for discussions between you and your physician or health care provider.

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