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 Case NumberTitleInvestigator
Select534PGC-1, a Novel Brown Fat PPAR CoactivatorB. Spiegelman
Select697PGC-1 IsoformsB. Spiegelman
Select707PGC-1 and Gluconeogenesis.B. Spiegelman
Select794PGC-1 Beta, a Novel Nuclear Receptor Coactive Related to PGC-1B. Spiegelman
Select811Induction of Slow-Twitch Muscle Fiber Program by PGC-1B. Spiegelman
Select780Receptor Linked Protein Tyrosine PhosphotasesC. Frederick
Select648Induction of Apoptosis By Reactive Oxygen SpeciesD. Kufe
Select491BCL-X Gamma: A Novel bcl-x IsoformH. Cantor
Select313Alpha4/180: A Novel Form of the Integrin Alpha4 SubunitM. Hemler
Select314Multiple Activation Sites of VLA-4M. Hemler
Select671BBAP, a Novel Ubiquitin LigaseM. Shipp
Select596BAL, a Novel Risk-Related GeneM. Shipp
Select873Methods for Identification of HIV InhibitorsP. Silver
Select911Chemical Genetic Screen for Inhibitors of Rev-GFP ExportP. Silver
Select899Elucidation of a Forkhead Transcription Factor in Premature Ovarian Failure, a Diagnostic and Potential Target for the Development of New ContraceptivesR. DePinho
Select895Inhibitor of BAK Activation and Mitochondrial ApoptosisS. Korsmeyer
Select801BID-Binding Inducer of Mitochondrial DysfunctionS. Korsmeyer
Select824Drug Screen using MicroangioectasiasS. Mentzer
Select840Oncofish: A Zebrafish Drug Discovery PlatformT. Look
Select922Use of Zebrafish as Small Molecule ScreensT. Look
Select416RB GST Fusion Protein Amino Acid Sequences 379-928W. Kaelin
Select236Retinoblastoma-Associated Protein 1 cDNAW. Kaelin
Select728Retinoblastoma Protein Associated Factor (RBAF600)Y. Nakatani
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