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 Case NumberTitleInvestigator
Select564HSIX1 Gene as a Diagnostic Marker for Breast CancerA. Pardee
Select241Activation-State-Specific Phosphoprotein ImmunodetectionC. Stiles
Select558Melanoma DiagnosticD. Fisher
Select688Identification and Characterization of HID-5, a Putative DCIS/Breast Cancer MarkerK. Polyak
Select689Identification of HIN-1 a Putative Breast Tumor Suppressor GeneK. Polyak
Select758IBC-1, a Novel Secreted Protein and a Putative Breast Cancer Tumor MarkerK. Polyak
Select853Molecular Markers in DCIS and Breast CancerK. Polyak
Select736An Immunological Method for the Detection of the Tumor-Secreted Protein TC2L. Chen
Select361Antibodies to Recombinant Estrogen ReceptorM. Brown
Select582Efficient Chemical Attachment of Detectable Linkers in DNA-Glycosylase-Modified DNA SitesM. Makrigiorgos
Select610Mutation Scanning Array and MethodsM. Makrigiorgos
Select743Genome-Wide Mutation/Methylation Detection Via a Universal Amplification, Ligation and BiotinylationM. Makrigiorgos
Select841Amplification of DNA in a Hairpin Structure and ApplicationsM. Makrigiorgos
Select461Method of Predicting the Risk of Prostate Cancer Morbidity and MortalityP. Kantoff
Select899Elucidation of a Forkhead Transcription Factor in Premature Ovarian Failure, a Diagnostic and Potential Target for the Development of New ContraceptivesR. DePinho
Select378Mammalian Mismatch Repair Genes HPMS1 and HMLH1R. Kolodner
Select335Mismatch Repair Genes, Gene Products, and Uses: MSH2R. Kolodner
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