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  • The Department of Nursing and Patient Care Services (NPCS) at Dana-Farber is committed to excellence and to compassionate patient- and family-centered care.


    In partnership with patients and families, and in collaboration with our community and our interdisciplinary and interdepartmental colleagues, we will be world leaders in reducing and eradicating the burden of cancer and related diseases through care, discovery, training, and education.


    Our mission is to provide safe, effective, and compassionate care; use and develop new knowledge; and educate our patients, families, staff, colleagues, and community.

    Our Values

    We demonstrate respect for patients, families, and colleagues through:

    • Cultural sensitivity
    • Active listening and response
    • Ethical conduct

    We create an environment of care that is:

    • Patient- and family-centered
    • Integrated across the continuum
    • Healing and hopeful
    • Inspiring and motivating

    We deliver expert clinical care and preventive services through:

    • Mindfulness-based practice
    • Evidence-based practice
    • Collaborative practice
    • Partnering with patients and families

    We exhibit our professional commitment through:

    • Individual integrity
    • Honesty and reflection
    • Accountability to self and others

    We engage in collaborative decision making, utilizing:

    • Available data
    • Expertise and wisdom of the collective
    • Teamwork

    We are committed to continuous improvement through:

    • High spirit of inquiry
    • Innovation and risk taking
    • Education and mentoring

    We are committed to teaching and supporting mindfulness-based practice for clinicians, researchers, staff, patients, and families to improve care and reduce the stress, fear, and burden of cancer for patients, families, caregivers, and providers.

    Patient- and family-centered care principles

    • People are treated with dignity and respect.
    • Clinicians, researchers, and staff communicate complete and unbiased information to patients and families in ways that are affirming and useful.
    • Patients and families build on their strengths by participating in experiences that enhance control and independence.
    • Clinicians and staff prioritize knowing the patient and family while developing therapeutic relationships over time to assure coordination and continuity in the care delivery experience.
    • Collaboration among patients, families, clinicians, and staff occurs in the delivery of care, as well as in the work of institutional policy making, program development, and professional education.
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