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Enterade Supplement for Cancer Patients

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    Q: My friend has pancreatic cancer. What are your thoughts on the nutrition supplement Enterade for cancer patients?

    CETG, May, 2017

    A: Current clinical trials on the effects of Enterade as a supplement are still in progress. Most of the completed research cited on the company's website was conducted on mice exposed to radiation, or on stem cells in "in situ" studies. It was found that the mice were able to better absorb electrolytes and nutrients when given Enterade. These are just models, and there have been very few studies done on humans so far. One study of 118 patients found that with Enterade, side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy improved within 7 days. This may be an option to alleviate some symptoms, but you should talk more with your medical care team about this option.

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