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Juice Plus Supplement and Breast Cancer

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    Q: I have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. What is your advice concerning "Juice Plus" as a supplement?

    Carol, Plymouth, Massachusetts 

    A: There are several varieties of Juice Plus supplements. The Juice Plus Complete supplement has soy protein, which is not recommended for someone with breast cancer. The other Juice Plus varieties with concentrated fruits and vegetable powders are still not as optimal as the real thing — fresh fruits and vegetables.

    All supplements, including Juice Plus, are not regulated by the USDA for safety or efficacy. The research and recommendations behind consuming fruits and vegetables is based on whole foods rather than supplements. Another benefit to whole fruits and vegetables is that they contain soluble fiber, which is good for lowering cholesterol, keeping regular blood sugar and regulating digestion, which can help fill you up and prevent overeating.

    Although Juice Plus may not be harmful for many people, it may not be helpful either. The goal for cancer survivorship is to eat 8-13 servings of whole fruits and vegetables per day. Smoothies are a great way to fit 4-6 servings in just one drink. There are several fruit and veggie based recipes in the Health Library and in the free Dana Farber nutrition iPhone app.

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