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  • Dr. Charles Fuchs led a study of ramucirumab, the first targeted drug for advanced stomach cancer to secure FDA approval.

Tags: TargetedTherapy

  • At a meeting with Senator Elizabeth Warren, Dr. Barrett Rollins warned that young researchers were abandoning the field or taking jobs in more research-generous countries.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dr. Leena Gandhi reported at the AACR meeting on a study showing a cancer immunotherapy that passed a key test in patients with lung cancer.

Tags: LungCancer

  • Dana Farber’s Mammography Van and patient advocates are helping to ensure that women in minority communities are getting cancer screenings.

Tags: Partnerships, PatientEducation, PatientSupport

  • Dr. Judy Garber and Dr. Eric Winer commented on an experimental medicine that has slowed the pace of advanced breast cancer, doubling the amount of time that patients could live without their tumors advancing.

Tags: BreastCancer

  • Dr. Bruce E. Johnson commented on the health threat of secondhand smoke.

Tags: LungCancer

  • The Savage family moved to Boston from Ireland so that their daughter could be treated by Dana-Farber specialists for a rare form of brain cancer.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, BrainTumors

  • Dr. Nikhil Wagle led a study on advanced bladder cancer patients who responded exceptionally well to a combination drug therapy.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dana-Farber will provide hematology and medical oncology care under a new agreement at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center.

Tags: Partnerships

  • After being unable to finish last year’s marathon, Courtney Rubin will run the Boston Marathon again as part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge.

Tags: PatientSupport, Development

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