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    HD ReadyCam™ Television and Production Studio

    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute offers live broadcast interviews any time news happens.

    Dana-Farber's broadcast quality television and production studio includes a VideoLink HD ReadyCam™ system, which helps provide the fastest access to some of the nation's leading cancer specialists and scientists. Whether it's breaking news or a landmark clinical trial, you can now interview our experts on camera without ever leaving your station. Leading-edge Enhanced IP™ Transmission technology allows top cancer doctors and researchers to do live or taped interviews for your news broadcast, any time, anywhere, now via the internet.

    The studio is fully equipped with a broadcast lighting grid and a designated robotic camera that is operated remotely from  VideoLink's broadcast center, located in Newton, Massachusetts. The camera has pan/tilt capabilities, providing the flexibility of a one-on-one interview, or an interview with two experts. The studio has several settings, offering an exam room, library or doctor’s office background. There’s also an 80” television monitor to project images behind interviewees.

    Why Dana-Farber HD ReadyCam™?

    • Quick access to top cancer experts, with comments available for clinical trials, developing news, medical breakthroughs, and other breaking news stories
    • Save costly expenses (camera crew, travel) and valuable time
    • Live expert interviews during your broadcast, at any time
    • Q & A with anchors when news is happening
    • Never have to scramble for a crew or lose an important interview to breaking news

    How it works

    Dana-Farber has Enhanced IP™ transmission technology that allows a direct connection from our studio to your control room. The HD ReadyCam™ is remotely controlled by technicians at VideoLink.


    • Free, quick and easy access to interviews with leading cancer specialists
    • No travel expenses
    • No cost for field producer or crew

    For more information or to contact the Dana-Farber Media Relations team to book the studio for expert interviews, please call 617-632-4090 or email

    If calling after business hours, please contact the page operator at 617-632-3737.

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    Dana-Farber's fully equipped television and production studio

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