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  • Dr. Bruce Spiegelman is profiled and talks about his research and work at Dana-Farber.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dr. Jay Bradner delivers a TED Radio Hour episode on “Fighting Cancer” on NPR discussing the importance of open-source research.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dr. Anthony Letai led a study showing a new technique that can predict which specific drug will be most effective in treating various types of cancer tumors.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dr. Lawrence Shulman wrote about his work in Rwanda and providing access to life-saving advances in cancer treatment through the collaborations of the Rwandan Ministry of Health, Partners in Health, and Dana-Farber.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dr. James Bradner and his team continue to work on the JQ1 molecule, which tricks the body into forgetting how to make sperm.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dr. Philip Kantoff commented on therapeutic cancer vaccines.

Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dana-Farber was mentioned in a story about how bureaucracy and outdated rules often block potential breakthroughs, but precision medicine is providing hope.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics, Genetics

  • Dana-Farber plans to expand precision medicine research by moving some staff into the new Longwood Center. Several research programs will now be under one roof.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics

  • Dana-Farber was mentioned as one of the institutions affiliated with Harvard that benefited from research dollars from the National Institute of Health.


Tags: BasicResearch

  • Dr. Edward J. Benz, Jr., talked about research to develop treatments for cancer that are more efficient and less toxic, by specifically targeting tumors using genetic analysis.


Tags: BasicResearch, TargetedTherapy

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