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  • A study by Dr. Gregory Abel showed the overall survival rates were the same in MDS patients age 60 to 65 years who received stem cell transplants compared to patients older than 66 years.

Tags: BasicResearch, StemCellTransplant

  • Research led by Dr. Levi Garraway and published in Nature offers a new approach to studying drug resistance in cancer. 

Tags: BasicResearch, DrugResistance, Melanoma

  • Scientists at Dana-Farber and the University of Colorado Cancer Center report on a gene fusion that spurs the cells to divide rapidly. 

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics, LungCancer

  • A patient being treated at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center is the first to undergo a procedure designed to slow the progression of a genetic brain disorder.

Tags: BasicResearch, ChildhoodCancer

  • Dana-Farber patient Jack Whelan was diagnosed with a rare and incurable blood cancer. His physician, Dr. Irene Ghobrial, said drug therapies are helping to delay the progression of the disease.

Tags: BasicResearch, CopingWithCancer

  • Dr. Levi Garraway is studying cancer’s genetic features as part of a larger movement toward personalized or precision medicine, which aims to tailor disease prevention and treatment to an individual patient.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genetics

  • Dr. Bruce Spiegelman and his research team may have finally found a molecular link between a workout and a healthy brain.

Tags: BasicResearch, Exercise

  • Dr. Ian Krop talks about the new drug Perjeta. The drug was recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to shrink breast tumors before surgery.

Tags: BasicResearch, BreastCancer

  • Researchers including scientists from Dana-Farber found an association between regularly eating peanut butter and having a lower risk of developing breast disease in early adulthood.

Tags: BasicResearch, BreastCancer

  • Scanning the DNA of nearly 5,000 tumor samples, a team led by scientists at Dana-Farber has identified 140 regions of scrambled genetic code believed to contain many undiscovered cancer genes.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics

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