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  • Research led by Dr. Levi Garraway and published in Nature offers a new approach to studying drug resistance in cancer. 

Tags: BasicResearch, DrugResistance, Melanoma

  • Scientists at Dana-Farber and the University of Colorado Cancer Center report on a gene fusion that spurs the cells to divide rapidly. 

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics, LungCancer

  • A patient being treated at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center is the first to undergo a procedure designed to slow the progression of a genetic brain disorder.

Tags: BasicResearch, ChildhoodCancer

  • Dana-Farber patient Jack Whelan was diagnosed with a rare and incurable blood cancer. His physician, Dr. Irene Ghobrial, said drug therapies are helping to delay the progression of the disease.

Tags: BasicResearch, CopingWithCancer

  • Dr. Levi Garraway is studying cancer’s genetic features as part of a larger movement toward personalized or precision medicine, which aims to tailor disease prevention and treatment to an individual patient.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genetics

  • Dr. Bruce Spiegelman and his research team may have finally found a molecular link between a workout and a healthy brain.

Tags: BasicResearch, Exercise

  • Dr. Ian Krop talks about the new drug Perjeta. The drug was recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to shrink breast tumors before surgery.

Tags: BasicResearch, BreastCancer

  • Researchers including scientists from Dana-Farber found an association between regularly eating peanut butter and having a lower risk of developing breast disease in early adulthood.

Tags: BasicResearch, BreastCancer

  • Scanning the DNA of nearly 5,000 tumor samples, a team led by scientists at Dana-Farber has identified 140 regions of scrambled genetic code believed to contain many undiscovered cancer genes.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics

  • Co-sponsored by hospital and academic centers, including Dana-Farber, multiple myeloma research advocates will begin providing open Internet access to genetic and research data on hundreds of patients.

Tags: BasicResearch, MultipleMyeloma

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