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  • A study led by Dr. Aileen Chen shows nearly two-thirds of patients with terminal lung cancer did not understand that radiation treatments intended only to ease their symptoms, but would not cure their disease.

Tags: BasicResearch, EndOfLife

  • A study being led by Dr. Rachelle Bernacki could one day help create a guide for doctors to talk to patients about end-of-life planning.

Tags: BasicResearch, EndOfLife

  • A study by Dr. Tracy Balboni shows terminally ill patients who receive spiritual support from religious communities tend to get more intensive end-of-life care.

Tags: EndOfLife, PopulationScience

  • Dr. Susan Block discussed how making a routine of the care-planning process can accustom patients to the difficult choices they soon may be faced with, such as whether to transition to hospice care.

Tags: EndOfLife

  • A study by Dr. Susan Dale Block found that the less money spent on medical care at the end of a person’s life resulted in a better death experience.

Tags: EndOfLife

  • A study by Dr. Tracy Balboni found that oncologists cited a lack of training as one reason why their terminally ill patients do not receive spiritual care at the end of life.

Tags: EndOfLife, PatientSupport

  • In a recent national study led by Dr. Jane Weeks, 69 percent of those with stage 4 lung cancer and 81 percent of those with stage 4 colon cancer failed to understand that chemotherapy was not at all likely to cure their cancer.

Tags: chemotherapy, EndOfLife

  • A study by Jennifer Mack published in the Annals of Internal Medicine shows that while most patients with advanced cancer have had end-of-life discussions, they tend to occur during acute hospital care and focus on advance directives rather than advance care planning.

Tags: EndOfLife

  • Terminally ill cancer patients who have an early conversation about their care preferences with their physician are less likely to receive aggressive end-of-life treatment, according to a study led by Dr. Jennifer Mack.

Tags: EndOfLife

  • A study led by Dr. Jane Weeks found that many patients with advanced lung or colon cancer misunderstood the purpose of their chemotherapy treatment. Dr. Weeks said that for these patients to make an informed treatment choice, they need to know that chemotherapy is not curative in most cases.

Tags: BasicResearch, EndOfLife

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