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  • Kathy Giusti, a Dana-Farber patient and founder of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, and Dr. John Quakenbush comment on Boston's prominence in the world of biotech research.

Tags: MultipleMyeloma

  • Dr. Mark Kieran, clinical director of the Brain Tumor Center, said atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor, or AT/RT, is so rare that Dana-Farber sees fewer than half a dozen patients a year.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, BrainTumors

  • Dr. Paul Richardson, clinical director for Dana-Farber's Jerome Lipper Center for Multiple Myeloma, shared the latest prognosis on treating and surviving this disease.

Tags: MultipleMyeloma

  • Dr. Ann Partridge comments on a new study that shows women ages 40 to 59, who had yearly mammograms, received no added survival benefit up to 25 years later compared with those who skipped the screening.

Tags: BreastCancer

  • Stacy Kennedy, a senior nutritionist at Dana-Farber, gave a presentation called “Fighting Cancer with Your Fork,” a culinary guide to wellness and cancer prevention.

Tags: Nutrition, PatientSupport

  • Dana-Farber researchers, including Dr. Kornelia Polyak, have developed a mathematical model to predict how a patient’s tumor is likely to behave and which of several possible treatments is most likely to be effective.

Tags: BreastCancer, Genomics

  • According to Dr. Stephen E. Sallan, the way we bring new pediatric drugs to market does not always serve the best interests of children with life-threatening illness for whom few options exist

Tags: ChildhoodCancer

  • Dr. Joanne Wolfe, director of the Pediatric Advanced Care Team, discussed pediatric palliative care on WBUR's Radio Boston.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, CopingWithCancer

  • Dr. Erica Mayer says up to 20 percent of breast cancers in women younger than 30 are associated with pregnancy, but the reasons why aren't well understood.

Tags: BreastCancer

  • Now that chronically ill children are living longer than ever, how should we care for them? Members of the Pediatric Advanced Care Team of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children’s Hospital are helping patients like 11-year-old Gwen Lorimier. (Full article requires a subscription)

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, CopingWithCancer

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