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  • Dr. Mary-Ellen Taplin commented on a study showing that lung, liver, and other gut metastases are associated with the poorest survival in advanced hormone-refractory prostate cancer.


Tags: ProstateCancer

  • Dr. Joyce Liu led a study showing a combination of two new pills may nearly double the length of survival for patients with recurrent ovarian cancer

Tags: OvarianCancer

  • Dr. Christopher Sweeney led a study that found men given chemotherapy early in their treatment for advanced prostate cancer lived longer than those who did not get early chemotherapy.

Tags: chemotherapy, ProstateCancer

  • Dr. Jennifer Lin discussed the new FDA regulations for tanning beds.

Tags: Melanoma, SkinCancer

  • Dr. Edward J. Benz, Jr. advocated for bolder federal action against tobacco sales.

Tags: LungCancer, Smoking

  • Dr. F. Stephen Hodi commented on advances in melanoma treatments.

Tags: Melanoma

  • Dr. Judy Garber commented on the role of environmental chemicals on breast cancer.

Tags: BreastCancer

  • Dietitian Stacy Kennedy offers tips on how to avoid potential cancer causing chemicals cooking on the barbecue.

Tags: Nutrition

  • Dr. Ann Partridge comments on the misunderstandings of breast cancer risks that are leading women to double mastectomies.


Tags: BreastCancer

  • Dr. Pasi Janne is leading a study on a new lung cancer treatment that targets tumors in patients with a genetic mutation.


Tags: LungCancer

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