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  • Erin Harkins, who is being treated at Dana-Farber for Ewing’s sarcoma, attended A Prom to Remember for teens fighting cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.


Tags: ChildhoodCancer

  • The Savage family moved to Boston from Ireland so that their daughter could be treated by Dana-Farber specialists for a rare form of brain cancer.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, BrainTumors

  • Dr. Lisa Diller comments on adults who suffer health consequences from their cancer treatment as children.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer

  • Dr. Mark Kieran, clinical director of the Brain Tumor Center, said atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor, or AT/RT, is so rare that Dana-Farber sees fewer than half a dozen patients a year.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, BrainTumors

  • According to Dr. Stephen E. Sallan, the way we bring new pediatric drugs to market does not always serve the best interests of children with life-threatening illness for whom few options exist

Tags: ChildhoodCancer

  • Dr. Joanne Wolfe, director of the Pediatric Advanced Care Team, discussed pediatric palliative care on WBUR's Radio Boston.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, CopingWithCancer

  • Now that chronically ill children are living longer than ever, how should we care for them? Members of the Pediatric Advanced Care Team of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children’s Hospital are helping patients like 11-year-old Gwen Lorimier. (Full article requires a subscription)

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, CopingWithCancer

  • A patient being treated at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center is the first to undergo a procedure designed to slow the progression of a genetic brain disorder.

Tags: BasicResearch, ChildhoodCancer

  • Three young adult cancer survivors gathered at Dana-Farber for the monthly meeting of STEPS, a support group for brain tumor survivors.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, BrainTumors, CopingWithCancer

  • Kendal Temple, an oncology nurse at Dana-Farber, gives tips on how to help children support a friend who has cancer.

Tags: ChildhoodCancer, PatientSupport, CopingWithCancer

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