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  • Dr. Patrick Ott commented on the increased rates of melanoma in older adults.

Tags: Melanoma

  • Dr. F. Stephen Hodi commented on advances in melanoma treatments.

Tags: Melanoma

  • Dr. F. Stephen Hodi led a study showing more than one-third of advanced melanoma patients treated with the immunotherapy drug Opdivo have survived at least five years.

Tags: Melanoma

  • Dana-Farber and Harvard University have launched a human trial to test a potential vaccine against melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer.

Tags: BasicResearch, Melanoma, SkinCancer

  • Researchers have found mutations in most melanomas that are unlike any seen before. Dr. Levi Garraway says the findings could help explain how melanomas and other cancers develop.

Tags: Melanoma

  • Dr. Elizabeth Buchbinder discussed former president Jimmy Carter’s announcement that he has been diagnosed with melanoma and the latest treatment options available.

Tags: Melanoma

  • Dr. Jennifer Lin discussed the new FDA regulations for tanning beds.

Tags: Melanoma, SkinCancer

  • Customized cancer treatment is getting closer to reality, as researchers have come up with single drugs that can treat many different kinds of cancers. One example is Kevetrin, now in Phase I clinical trials at Dana-Farber.

Tags: Melanoma, Nutrition, Prevention

  • Dr. F. Stephen Hodi led a clinical trial study that found patients with metastatic melanoma who were treated with ipilimumab, survived 50 percent longer if they simultaneously received an immune stimulant.


Tags: Melanoma

  • Dana-Farber researchers, including Dr. Levi Garraway, have identified two mutations that collectively occur in many malignant melanoma tumors. These highly "recurrent" mutations may be the most common mutations in melanoma cells found to date.

Tags: Melanoma

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