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  • Dr. Mary-Ellen Taplin commented on a study showing that lung, liver, and other gut metastases are associated with the poorest survival in advanced hormone-refractory prostate cancer.


Tags: ProstateCancer

  • Dr. Brian Wolpin commented on a new study that suggests a blood test may one day detect pancreatic cancer in its early stages.

Tags: ProstateCancer

  • Dr. Christopher Sweeney discussed the future of prostate cancer research.

Tags: ProstateCancer

  • Dr. Christopher Sweeney led a study that found men given chemotherapy early in their treatment for advanced prostate cancer lived longer than those who did not get early chemotherapy.

Tags: chemotherapy, ProstateCancer

  • A study led by Dr. Mary Ellen Taplin that looked at small group of men with prostate cancer showed that treatment with Zytiga eliminated or greatly reduced the size of prostate tumors in one-third of patients treated for six months before surgery.

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  • Several studies published in Nature have identified 74 new genetic risk factors associated with three major cancers: breast, ovarian, and prostate. Dr. Philip Kantoff said it is unclear what this means for patients clinically, but the hope is that it will lead to more sophisticated screening and treatment strategies.

Tags: BasicResearch, BreastCancer, OvarianCancer, ProstateCancer, Genetics, GynecologicCancers

  • Dr. Gabriel Brooks commented on a new study showing Medicare spending for patients with advanced cancer is not linked to differences in survival.

Tags: BreastCancer, ColonCancer, LungCancer, PancreaticCancer, ProstateCancer, Survivorship

  • The recent approval of new drugs for treating advanced prostate cancer provides patients with more clinical choices. Dr. Philip Kantoff, Dana-Farber's Chief Clinical Research Officer, said these options pose challenges to clinicians, who must select the right therapies at the right time for each patient.

Tags: ProstateCancer

  • Dr. Anthony D’Amico comments on the availability of the PSA test for men to check for Prostate cancer.

Tags: ProstateCancer

  • Research led by Dr. Julia Hayes found that many men with low-risk, localized prostate cancers can safely choose observation instead of undergoing immediate treatment and have a better quality of life while reducing health care costs.

Tags: BasicResearch, ProstateCancer

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