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  • Dr. Sidney Farber – as featured in the PBS film “Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies” – was described as an unsung hero of cancer research for his efforts in discovering the use of chemotherapy as a form of treatment for pediatric cancer patients.

Tags: chemotherapy, ChildhoodCancer

  • In response to a recent New York Times article, Cellceutix Corporation of Beverly said it is already testing a P53 drug called Kevetrin in clinical trials at Dana-Farber.

Tags: chemotherapy

  • Dr. Erica Mayer says some breast cancer patients at Dana-Farber are using experimental caps to try to prevent hair loss from chemotherapy. These special caps have not been approved by the FDA and studies are still underway concerning their effectiveness.

Tags: chemotherapy, BasicResearch

  • Researchers at Dana-Farber/Children’s Hospital Cancer Center, including Dr. Amy Billett, were part of a study in the New England Journal of Medicine that reports that the scarcity of mechlorethamine has been linked to a higher rate of relapse among children and young adults with Hodgkin lymphoma.

Tags: chemotherapy, ChildhoodCancer, Lymphoma

  • A study led by Dr. Jane Weeks suggests that many patients with advanced lung and colorectal cancer harbor the fundamental misperception that treatments that can extend life and alleviate pain might also cure them. Dr. Deborah Schrag, co-author of the study, said the researchers were also interested in examining whether where doctors worked might affect the way the message was communicated.

Tags: chemotherapy, BasicResearch, EndOfLife

  • Three pharmaceutical companies are poised to test whether new drugs can work against a wide range of cancers, including those that are rare, such as liposarcoma, a cancer of the fat cells. According to Dr. Andrew J. Wagner, liposarcoma tumors can be very large and often start at the back of a patient's belly, where they can go unnoticed.

Tags: chemotherapy, Genetics

  • Dr. Christopher Sweeney led a study that found men given chemotherapy early in their treatment for advanced prostate cancer lived longer than those who did not get early chemotherapy.

Tags: chemotherapy, ProstateCancer

  • Sylvia Bartel, RPh, says the current drug shortages, especially for drugs that have been around for some years, is likely tied to the economics around generic drugs.

Tags: chemotherapy, PatientSupport

  • Dr. James Butrynski says for the majority of patients being treated with Doxil, changing treatment is a challenge because there's a risk that another medication won't be as successful. Sylvia Bartel, RPh, said that Dana-Farber has dedicated a full-time member of the pharmacy staff to monitor drug supplies, something she says they have never had to worry about until recently.

Tags: chemotherapy, PatientSupport

  • A new study conducted by scientists from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, presents very promising results for the treatment of multiple myeloma.

Tags: chemotherapy, MultipleMyeloma

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