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  • Dr. Edward J. Benz, Jr. and Dr. Katherine Janeway commented on the benefit of President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative that will benefit research at Dana-Farber.

Tags: Genomics, Genetics

  • Cambridge-based Foundation Medicine is bringing high-tech tools to the battle against cancer. Founded in 2009 by leaders in genome technology including Dana-Farber, the company is analyzing patients' tumors for the entire coding sequence of 200-plus genes known to be altered in human cancers.

Tags: Genomics

  • Dr. David Williams talks about gene therapy in Bubble Boy Syndrome, a rare, immune deficiency disease.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics, ImmuneSystem

  • Dana-Farber has launched an extensive research project into cancer genomics.

Tags: Genomics

  • Dr. Bruce E. Johnson said researchers at Foundation Medicine in Cambridge, Mass., have been routinely testing for certain "alterations" in cancer cells to help target treatments and new technologies.

Tags: Genomics, TargetedTherapy

  • Rafael Irizarry, PhD, co-led a new study investigating all stages and types of cancers that appear to share a telltale signature of widespread changes to the epigenome.


Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics

  • Epigenetics was the subject of a particularly interesting session, held on April 1st, at a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Chicago. James Bradner, MD, described how his group has shown that a substance known as JQ1, which inhibits an epigenetic regulator called BRD4, blocks the activity of a gene by the name of Myc.

Tags: Genomics

  • Dr. David Steensma comments on genomic studies cataloging the mutations that drive endometrial cancer and acute myeloid leukemia.

Tags: Genomics, Leukemia

  • Hospitals are using DNA sequencing to generate better treatments and diagnoses for patients, including Dana-Farber, which offers adult patients a test for almost 500 gene variations. Dr. Barrett Rollins say cancer is among the most promising targets because it is essentially a disease in which damaged genes let cells grow without restraint.

Tags: Genomics

  • Dana-Farber plans to expand precision medicine research by moving some staff into the new Longwood Center. Several research programs will now be under one roof.

Tags: BasicResearch, Genomics

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