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  • Former Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center patient Kate Franklin spent the summer interning in the lab of Dr. Loren Walensky, who treated her for leukemia when she was a child.

Tags: Leukemia

  • Dana-Farber patient Anita Cutler met the bone marrow donor she credits with saving her life.

Tags: StemCellTransplant, Leukemia

  • Dr. Richard Stone joined 22 other specialists in sending a letter calling on the FDA to speed up the process allowing patients to use the leukemia drug Iclusig.

Tags: Leukemia

  • People recently gathered at St. James Armenian Church in Watertown to support Sarkis Chekijian, who is running the Boston Marathon to raise research funds for Dana-Farber.

Tags: Leukemia

  • Dr. David Steensma comments on genomic studies cataloging the mutations that drive endometrial cancer and acute myeloid leukemia.

Tags: Genomics, Leukemia

  • An experimental therapy that tweaks a leukemia patient’s immune cells to recognize an often-deadly form of leukemia has resulted in remission in five adults. Dr. Richard Stone and Dana-Farber will be part of a larger study of the novel approach.

Tags: Leukemia

  • Dr. Andrew Lane led a study showing a heightened risk of developing acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children with Down syndrome.

Tags: Leukemia

  • A study by Dr. Catherine Wu shows some patients with a hard-to-treat type of leukemia responded to an experimental therapeutic vaccine. The vaccine activates the immune system to help fight the disease.

Tags: BasicResearch, Leukemia

  • Dr. Javid Moslehi said reports of cardiovascular problems linked to several newer drugs lacked the kind of details that doctors need to figure out whether side effects could be prevented. 

Tags: Leukemia

  • According to Dr. Joseph Antin, it is even more difficult for mixed-race individuals, African-Americans and some subsets of Asian-Americans, particularly South Asians, to find a bone marrow match.

Tags: MultipleMyeloma, Leukemia

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