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News tagged ‘PatientSafety’ clear

  • Dr. David Frank, who says that tracking drug pedigree is paramount in determining its authenticity, explained how Dana-Farber checks the provenance of all drugs its caregivers use.

Tags: chemotherapy, PatientSafety

  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has made the top 10 on a new scoreboard for US medical centers with the best patient care.

Tags: PatientSafety, PatientSupport

  • Dr. Wendy Chen comments on research that shows supplements can interfere with cancer drugs, but patients often forget to tell their doctors they're taking them.

Tags: PatientSafety

  • Dr. Edward J. Benz, Jr., discusses Dana-Farber's flu vaccination policy, emphasizing that Dana-Farber patients are some of the most vulnerable to all kinds of infection.

Tags: Influenza, PatientSafety

  • Pharmacy Director Sylvia Bartel explains how Dana-Farber compounds or creates its own sterile medications, in the wake of the recent meningitis outbreak linked to a Massachusetts specialty pharmacy.

Tags: PatientSafety

  • Ralph Nerette talks about his job as manager of security services at Dana-Farber.

Tags: PatientSafety

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